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Atropine For Myopia Control

Atropine Drug therapy is the use of a compounded concentration of the Atropine drop at night to relax the eye muscles associated with accommodation. Atropine drops are not your typical over-the-counter eye allergy drops. Atropine drug therapy at the concentration rate of 0.01% has been shown to be effective in reducing side effects and reducing myopia progression. The effectiveness of Atropine drug therapy is reported to reduce the rate of myopic progression by approx 60%.

Atropine can also be used to treat children with amblyopia (lazy eye). When a drop of atropine is placed in the better eye, this will temporarily blur the vision to stimulate the patient to prefer the weaker eye.

Atropine is especially beneficial for younger children (under age 6) who are not mature enough to use Ortho-K lenses. This treatment is also much less expensive than Ortho-K. Although, unlike Ortho-K, patients treated with Atropine drops still need to wear their glasses during the day. Atropine does not reverse myopia. Rather it controls myopia and prevents it from getting worse.