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Kids Need More than 20/20 Vision for Learning

pediatric eye exams spring txSchedule a Pediatric Eye Exam Before 1st Grade and Every New School Year!

Crisp and clear vision is necessary for many parts of learning. The vast majority of skills and information, such as reading and writing, depends upon quality eyesight. As you pack your children’s school bag for the start of a new year, be sure to equip them with excellent vision! Schedule a pediatric eye exam before she begins 1st grade, as well as follow-up eye exams according to your eye doctor’s recommendations.

The ABC’s of Pediatric Eye Exams At Our Spring, Texas Eye Clinic

Visual acuity is essential to your child’s success in school, and we will assess your child’s eyes thoroughly for 20/20 vision. If our eye doctors diagnose a vision condition, such as nearsightedness, farsightedness or astigmatism, we will correct it properly with eyeglasses or contact lenses.

In addition to inspecting for these common problems with eyesight, we will also check for less obvious learning-related vision conditions, such as difficulty with convergence (eye teaming) and accommodation (focusing). Even if your child has 20/20 vision, other disorders can interfere with learning in school. Many of these conditions will escape notice during a routine vision screening in school; only a qualified and experienced eye doctor can perform a total pediatric eye exam.

Vision Problems are Common in Children

The start of 1st grade or any new school year poses many new challenges for kids. Besides learning and improving in reading, writing, and mastering math, children face new social interactions and pressure to excel on the sports field too. A range of visual skills are required for kids to rise to meet all of these various challenges.

According to the College of Optometrists in Vision Development (COVD), research has shown that 13% of children between 9 to 13 years old have difficulty with convergence. This vision disorder can make it extremely hard to read smoothly. Estimates also claim that as many as one in four school-aged children have at least one vision-related learning condition. Many of these students are inaccurately diagnosed with ADD/ADHD – when in reality they have a visual problem.

Visual Skills that Your Kids Need in School

  • Eye mobility: the ability to move eyes easily across a printed page
  • Eye teaming: refers to eye alignment - how eyes synchronize, convergeand work together; reading relies upon this ability
  • Binocular vision: combining visual cues from both eyes to create a single, 3D image
  • Accommodation: changing focus from near to distant and back again,such as when copying from a school board
  • Visual-motor integration: eye-hand coordination, which is required forclear handwriting, copying information, and playing sports
  • Visual perception:  the ability to comprehend visual images, discriminate between primary and and secondary details, and connect the images with learned information

During your child’s pediatric eye exam in our Spring, TX, optometry practice, we will administer a variety of tests to identify any of the above problems and determine the best treatment.

Vision Therapy For Kids In Spring, Tomball
& The Woodlands, Texas

When eyeglasses or contact lenses cannot effectively treat your child’s vision condition, we may recommend vision therapy. Our eye doctors will custom-design a series of sessions and eye exercises to strengthen your kid’s visual skills – so he or she can overcome any ocular obstacles that interfere with successful learning in school!

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